Maximise Product Impact

Merchandising Display Stands

Porous Pipe is packaged in a variety of styles to suit all needs. Our merchandising display stands can help you to maximise the impact of the products whatever the space available.

We can manufacture Porous Pipe to order, and can design bespoke packaging to suit your specific requirements.

Porous Pipe Stand 1

Will Hold:

​7.5m (25ft) ​26 retail kits
​15m (50ft) 16 retail kits​
30m (100ft)​ 12 retail kits​

Porous Pipe Stand 2

Will Hold:

​7.5m (25ft) ​14 retail kits
​15m (50ft) 10 retail kits​
Accessory Packs 50 packs

Porous Pipe Waters:

Gardens borders and Flowerbeds
Vegetable pots and Plant pots
Seed trays and Capillary matting

Porous Pipe Irrigates:

Gardens and Landscapes
Greenhouses, Cloches and Allotments