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Q. Can I use soluble fertiliser?

A. Yes, provided it is completely soluble in water.

Q. Can I leave Porous Pipe out all winter?

A. Yes, although it is better to store the pipe away in a dry place. If the pipe is buried this will serve to insulate it against severe frosts. Remember to remove the end bungs and drain the system.

Q. Can I leave Porous Pipe out all summer?

A. Yes, but if you are in a hard water area, we recommend  you bury the pipe in the ground or cover with mulch to  avoid drying out and being blocked by calcium.

Q. How long shall I water for?

A. This is entirely up to you, but an average of 4 litres per metre per hour (from the tap), you can calculate how much water goes into your garden.

Q. How can I make Porous Pipe water slower?

A. Use a ½” hose pipe to supply the water from your tap/butt and turn the tap down. Alternatively, fit a 4:1 Pressure Reducer or an In-Use Plastic Tap to slow the water down.

Q. How can I make Porous Pipe water faster?

A. Use more hose pipes or a larger hose (ie ¾” or 1”) to supply the water from your tap/butt. Open the tap up slightly, or raise the height of your water butt. The secret is to increase the volume of water while maintaining a low water pressure.

Q. What will block Porous Pipe?

A. Dirty water. To remedy this problem, use a water filter or setting tank.  Hard water can also block Porous Pipe. To remedy this, bury the pipe beneath the surface so that the sun cannot completely dry it out, or use a Polar purification magnet to prevent calcium deposits.

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