5 Ways To Reuse Your Old Gardening Tools

Maximum Style with Minimum Waste


When gardening tools and equipment reach the end of their natural life, it would seem just cause to splash out on some new kit. But what do you do with the old tools and pots that no longer serve a purpose? There are plenty of excellent ideas and methods to reinvent your old items into fresh new features for the garden.

Let’s start with those old pots..

Broken plant pots? Make it a display for your other pots!

Admittedly, this one would only work for the bigger pots. However, if you do have a large broken plant pot, fill it with smaller plant pots and add pebbles to create a stylish yet arcadian display – breathing new life into the old.

Turn a broken rake into a holder for your tools.

The rake is usually the first gardening tool to go, being that it’s often misused and has a flimsy nature. Should you encounter a broken rake, it could be repurposed as a way to readily display your other tools. If stored in a shed the broken tool won’t be out of place, whilst also acting as a one of a kind feature that will keep all your unused items in one place. 

An old spade could be repurposed to display your house number.

If you’re lucky enough to have a lawn at the front of your house too, upcycling an old spade could be a novel way to display your house number. It needn’t just be used for a house number though; it could display simple messages, garden instructions or even a ‘Santa stop here’ sign!

Turn multiple old tools into the garden gate!

The first thing you come across as you enter a garden is the garden gate. Leave a lasting impression with a unique and eye catching gate that will lend a co-operative hand with the rest of your gardens theme. It could be a little tricky and may require someone of skill to pull off, but if done right, it could be one of the highlights of your lawn.

Let your tools become part of the garden itself by making a structure to grow your plants.

Simple enough, three disused tools placed together form an excellent structure for vine support. Your crops and flowers will grow around the tools, helping to assist the growth of your garden, as well  as acting as an aesthetically pleasing sculpture too!

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